Montgomery County, Mississippi


December 29, 2008


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Listing of Montgomery County Cemeteries - This is a listing of all cemeteries in Montgomery County listed either on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) site, or This list includes the GPS coordinates of the location of the cemetery and where the information is available online.

Some other great sites for finding information on cemeteries are: - This website lists cemeteries throughout the United States and includes many international entries. You can search by cemetery name or location or by name of person you are hoping to find.  They have maps with GPS coordinates for most cemeteries and include many full transcriptions and photographs of headstones.  I was absolutely amazed at the number of my family members including photographs of tombstones that were listed. 

All of the information on this site is donated by volunteers like you and I.  I really urge anyone that has full or partial transcriptions (maybe just of their family members) to upload this information to the site.  You can do it on a one-by-one basis or using a spreadsheet provided by Findagrave.  If you go to a cemetery listing where your family is not listed you can individually add this information, including photographs of the actual cemetery, headstones, or of the individual.   You can also list comments including adding obituaries. - This is also a site where information, including cemetery name and transcriptions, some full, some on a particular family are submitted.  This listing is not as extensive as but does have some useful information including more detailed directions on how to get to some cemeteries.

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