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November 11, 2011


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There are many books available pertaining to Montgomery County for purchase and for viewing at local libraries. Below is the list of books and publications I have found and where they can be viewed and/or purchased. If you are aware of or have knowledge of any books or publications I do not have listed here, please send the information to me.


Montgomery County, Mississippi Cemetery Records - by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola. This book lists 116 cemeteries and more than 20,000 entries from Montgomery County.  (Available at Duck Hill Library or for purchase through Pioneer Publishing.

Cemeteries of Montgomery County by Norman Ezell, dated 1983. (Available at Duck Hill and Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Those Who Sleep, Duck Hill Area Cemetries by Norman Ezell, published November 1989. (Available at Duck Hill Library and Winona-Montgomery Public Library).  

Hebron Cemetery, A Walk through History. 1991. Includes brief history of the Hebron School and Cemetery.  (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Mt. Pisgah - Montgomery County 1970.   (Available at Duck Hill Library and Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Salem Cemetery, Minerva Community, Montgomery County, Mississippi.  By Karen and Lisa Norman, October 1, 1988.  (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Shiloh Baptist Church and Cemetery - Homecoming May 17, 1992.   (Available at Duck Hill Library).

Church Records

Hayes (Hays) Creek Church Minute Book, 1886-1944, Montgomery County, Mississippi by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola.  (Available for purchase through Pioneer Publishing).

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery - Montgomery County 1970.  (Available at Duck Hill Library).  

Pleasant Prospect Baptist Church, Constituted 1847 and still active in 1988. Church located between Duck Hill and Carrollton in Montgomery County, Mississippi.  Includes a church history, covenants, articles of faith, church minutes and list of church members from the 1800's forward.

Shiloh Baptist Church and Homecoming May 17, 1992.   (Available at Duck Hill Library and Winona-Montgomery Public Library

County Histoy

History of Montgomery County, Mississippi, ISBN 0-88107-221-4, published by Curtis Media, 1993.  Written by Evelyn Crouch and Christi Genola.  (Available at the Duck Hill and Winona-Montgomery Public Library).  This book is out of print and no longer available for purchase.  (Available at Duck Hill Library).

Family Histories

Brooks Family History and Kindred Families.  Edited by Ishmael Monroe "Ish" Brooks and co-edited by Hilda Leona (Brooks) (Braswell) Edwards. 1985.  History starts with Elias Dudley Brooks born in South Carolina, married in 1849 to Amanda Elizabeth (Braswell) Hunt.  All of their children were born in Montgomery County, Mississippi;  Susan Amanda Elizabeth Brooks b. 4-11-1851, Mary Elizabeth Brooks b. 10-10-1854, George Witt Brooks b. 2-5-1857, Frances Ardella Brooks b. 11-1-1858 and Elias Monroe Brooks b. 4-24-1861.

The History of the Dorris family of Montgomery County Mississippi by David Gibson. Includes the William Dorris line b. ca 1725 County Down, Ireland Rev. Joseph Dorris; William D. Dorris; James Harvey Dorris; Joseph Mitchell Dorris; Hilliard Embry Dorris, Marjorie Dorris to the author, John David Gibson.  Available at Duck Hill Library and Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Kindred Family Letters 1893 by David Gibson. Published June 1996.  Letters of the Kindred family beginning with the William Richard Kindred b. 1610 in England down through the Abraham Davis Kindred line who died 2-1-1877 in Montgomery County, Mississippi.   (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

The John Holmes Family of Montgomery and Carroll Counties, Mississippi by Ralford L. Holmes.  Descendants of Edward Holmes of Mecklenburg County, Virginia and his three sons Luke, John, Allen and a daughter Nancy.  (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

John Randle of Virginia, Descendants and Allied Families.  By the Reverend Charles Lambuth Randle.  Revised February 1992.  The author was born November 3, 1921 in Vaiden, Carroll County, Mississippi and documents his family history from John Randle of Virginia and down.   (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Journey to the Southland-Merrill Family History by David L. Merrill - This book was graciously donated by Linda Harper who picked this up at an Estate Sale in Texas. There are many references in this material to Carroll County Merrill's. Once I have extracted all the information from this document I can find I will donate it to the local library.

The Reverend William W. Whitehead, Mississippi Pioneer his antecedents and decendants.  By E Grey Dimond, M.D. 1985.   (Available at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Blaylock Family Tree by Ruby Benson Blaylock. This is a three ring binder of over 9,500 family files entered in the Family Tree Maker program covering 15 generations beginning with Thomas Blaylock, Sr. born in 1597 in England. Many Blaylocks from Carroll and Montgomery County Mississippi are listed in this book. (Available at the Elizabeth Jones Public Library in Grenada).


Montgomery County, Mississippi  Marriage Index Book, 1900-1955 by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola.  (Available at Duck Hill Library, Winona-Montgomery Public Library or for purchase through Pioneer Publishing).


Maps of Montgomery County, Mississippi Deluxe Edition.  With Homesteads, Roads, Waterways, Towns, Cemeteries, Railroads and More. (ISBN 1-4203-0731-2)   By Gregory A. Boyd, J.D.  I cannot say enough about this book.  The county is broken into the different townships and the author shows on these maps where different cities, towns and cemeteries are located.  What is so great about this book is he lists surnames of Montgomery County with number of land patents which will show you were your family resided in Montgomery County.  He includes early Choctaw County one of the two counties Montgomery was formed from.  (Available at Winona-Montgomery Public Library).


Enumeration of Soldiers and Widows, Montgomery County, Mississippi, 1907, 1911 and 1913. Transcribed and Typed by Marie Haven Carlton, June 1992. (Available at Winona-Montgomery Public Library).

Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers and Widows from Montgomery County, Mississippi 1907 by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola. (Available at Duck Hill Library or for purchase through Pioneer Publishing ).


Montgomery County, Mississippi Abstract of Wills, Books I, II and III by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola. 1998. (Avalable for purchase through Pioneer Publishing or at the Winona-Montgomery Public Library).


Mississippi Reference Books by J & W Enterprises have a great selection of genealogical and historical books.

Pioneer Publishing Company Carrollton, Mississippi.   have many books written by local authors on many counties in Mississippi and surrounding states including Native and African American Resources.


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